Styling Your 

Senior Session

Your senior portraits are about you and you only - and your style choices will play the biggest part in telling your story.

If you're a shirt and shorts kinda guy, but you wear a suit and tie to your photos,

do those photos actually represent you?

Not at all. 

Your clothing choices will most likely change as you go through life, but what better way to show everyone who you are now rather than styling your outfits to be an example of everything you've grown to be.

So as you choose your clothing, makeup, haircut/style... ask yourself, is this me? The real me.

Choosing Your Outfits

Variety within your outfits is the best way to create a gallery that you will cherish and display for years after you graduate! Pick something that fits your style, shape, and color preferences! Look yourself in the mirror and wear what makes you feel confident, and most importantly -  you.


Keeping your style in mind, start with a more formal outfit! You to decide what "formal" means to you. It could mean a dress/ tux you would wear to a wedding or an event, or it could mean a cute top with a skirt and heels/ button up shirt with joggers. There are (almost) no wrong outfits! 

After you've decided your formal outfit, next consider casual. Definitely not a slouchy t-shirt and sweatpants, but something a little less formal that has you written all over it. For girls that may be ripped jeans, vans and a cute top, or for guys that may mean a short sleeve button-up shirt with a pattern or a bit of color!

Girl Examples: a cute romper, a flowy dress, pantsuit,

a business casual top with a skirt.

Guy Examples: a button up shirt with a bow tie,  

a button up and a sports jacket or coat,

 a school jersey or sports uniform.

For additional outfits, incorporate something that shows your future plans for life, college, career, etc. maybe a hobby or a letter of acceptance from your future college! Whatever it may be, choosing something that helps tell your story is always good to use during your session! Books, a stethoscope, your pup or cat, your truck or car...the possibilities are endless.

Click here to check out a Pinterest board full of outfit

ideas, color suggestions, and accessory help!

Things to Remember When Preparing

Your Outfits




Having makeup done professionally is definitely not a necessity, but it gives a finished look to your images.

-Whether you get your makeup done or not, make sure your face matches your skin!

-Bring eyelash glue just in case!


Bringing accessories like hats, jewelry options, shoes, lip colors, etc. create the room for options  within your images! Just adding these options will separate each outfit and give variety to your entire gallery.


Wear colors that compliment you and your skin! Color palettes for makeup should coordinate with each outfit as well. (This is def not a suggestion to change eyeshadow mid session.. but unless hot-red lips go with every outfit, it's best to avoid those!)


Bringing anything special to you and your life is always encouraged! Dad's old hats, brother's old military jacket, mom's journals or art, an easel to paint... all themed options are more than welcome and I'd love to brainstorm how to incorporate anything into your session!


Having a spray tan before your session is more often more harmful than helpful. White legs can be edited, harsh tans sometimes can't

If you feel uncomfortable doing your session without a spray tan, be sure to take care of your tan so it will look good the day of your session.


If your outfits permit, it helps to bring a tank top/undershirt to bring to put as much ease to changing as possible.

In most circumstances, a haircut before your session is very helpful to keep your look being clean and together!


Normal grooming routines should always be done before your session! Nail trimmings, cleaning up any facial hair, etc! 


Including hobbies and sports you may be a part of is a perfect way to incorporate more of who you are into your photos! Ex: If you play football, bring a football, jersey, helmet, letter-jacket, etc.


Athletic shoes and clothing are not the best options to dress in for your photos! The logos and styles tend to clash with nice, clean looks.


Neon colors are definitely not choice when picking outfits, as they do not photograph very well. Refer to my Pinterest Board for references on color and styles that work best for sessions!


If your outfits permit, it helps to bring a tank top/undershirt to bring to put as much ease to changing as possible.


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