Kailey & Eric

Kailey and Eric were just about the parents of our coworkers at my job with Photo Texas Photography! For a season I worked with them as a photographer within schools all around SETX. We did yearly Fall and Spring portraits for many schools so who knows, I may have taken your kid's school photo!

But anyway, back to Kailey and Eric! They were kind of the veterans of the team! Our team consisted of the two of them, and three other (including me) first year newbies! They took us under their wings and really guided us through the whole season. Taking the fall for mistakes we unknowingly made, helping where we lacked knowledge, and creating so many learning opportunities for us were just a few ways they really created the perfect environment for growth... and they were really just being who they are! They are kind, intelligent, and helpful teachers at heart who would make the most foreign stranger feel welcome.

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