Abigail & Elijah

Oh what a sweet day this was. I was so excited when I heard from Elijah about capturing the moment he proposed to his sweet girl, Abi. Abi thought she was participating in a maze at church while being blindfolded by her friend Stevie. When she got up to the stage, they took the blindfold off and played a video Elijah made for her. Her mom, then Elijah's mom, brought flowers up to her while she was on stage. And soon came Elijah, which I'm sure she knew he would show up soon at this point, haha! He got down on one knee and before he was even all the way down, she hugged him and said yes! <3 It was such a sweet moment, and tons of friends and family surrounded them in that perfect moment. Today they're married and have a sweet baby on the way!

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