Frequently Asked Questions

Did you go to school for photography?

I'm actually self taught! I've always been fascinated with photography, and as I reached the end of high school I realized there is much more to it than selling your work in an art gallery, and living a "starving artist" lifestyle. Instead of going to college for something I may not end up enjoying in 20 years, I decided to pursue a career I'd be passionate about for a lifetime! I participated in workshops, read books, studied online, watched tutorials, and ended up here!

Where do I change for my session with multiple outfits?

As unenjoyable as this sounds, you'll change in the car most likely! So at most points of the year in Texas, you'll want to crank your AC waaay up. Depending on location, there are occasional public restrooms/dressing rooms available... but this isnt often!

Can you provide videography as well as photos?

Sadly, I'm not offering video services at the moment but I'm hoping one day that will change!

Do you edit photos in black and white as well as in color?

I live for a good black and white photo. And no worries, if I edit a photo in black and white I almost always give you the same photo edited in color as well! If for some reason there isn't a color copy, it has to do with the light/color in the photo not being the best, while the moment itself is something I'd like you to have!

Can I receive every photo you took at my session, including unedited ones?

Not all of the photos, but I'll explain why! Imagine an artist has a vision in mind for a drawing. They may draw on 12 scratch sheets of paper before they see what they want in their art. When they have their finished product, would they bring along their scratch sheets from their trash can to be sold as well? Definitely not, because it's not their perfected work, retouched and with their personal stamp. Photography is similar in being an art that a photographer is trying to perfect - a vision they're aiming to reach. They have their personal touch they add to each image, and that is what they're going to advertise, sell, and deliver. You'll never see an unedited image on my page, or any other professional photographer for the most part.

Can I add a filter to my photos? Or slim my face?

No, but here's why! Altering the photos provided to you after your session is completely changing my work. I take pride in the colors, light, and overall style of my photos and any changing that is advertising something that is not me. It's also breaking copyright law that all photographers own to their own photos. Altering the way you look by using various apps to change your shape is also not okay! If you're looking to have something slimmed/corrected in your shape, I can definitely work on that for you while making sure you still look natural!

Where can I pick up the prints I ordered online?

My office is located at 3304 Spurlock Road in Nederland, Texas! It is inside of Tri City Exterminating. You will go in the front door and my office is in the back on the left. To the right of my office door that reads "Leslie Reagan Photography", there is a gray cabinet that holds all recent product orders that are ready for pickup! Grab them and you're good to go!

I'm nervous about my session! Can I meet you before so I'm more comfortable?

I would love to! Meeting before your session will always make everyone involved feel much more prepared. You will have a chance to ask any questions and make all of your ideas and requests known, and I'll have a chance to tell you all kinds of information you may not have thought of already! We will meet at my office in Nederland once we set up your consult time! Check the contact page for information on our office location!

How will I receive my photos?

Your finished gallery will be provided to you in an online gallery via email. The site has many functions available for you such as downloading the photos, changing them to B&W, ordering prints, favorites lists, sharing, etc! If you're looking for your gallery password, its in the email that was sent to you!

What should my family and I wear to our session?

The best way to style your family's outfits is to color coordinate and compliment eachother, not match! Starting with one person, work from their outfit style to coordinate the others! Starting with mom or daughter, womens clothing makes more of a statement in color and patterns! Adding layers and accessories create additional help in style for your session! Make sure your clothing works well with the location for your session! Wearing fall clothes in a field of spring flowers isnt necessarily going to be the best look! If you're curious about specific colors and outfit styles, click here to view a pinterest board full of ideas for you!

How long have you been pursuing photography?

I started my business in September of 2015 and have been in business ever since! I took photos of friends and family for a year while I was still in high school, then once I graduated I purchased my first DSLR camera and went hard after what I wanted!

What should I wear to my senior session?

See the senior sessions page and click "The Look" to view a whole page of detailed info for your session attire!

Do I really need to hire a professional photographer? My friend/family member takes pictures and I was thinking of using them.

This is a very popular question/issue within the photography community! I'm going to answer this honestly! Hiring a professional is almost always better than hiring someone who takes photos as a hobby. As a pro, I constantly invest time in technique, lighting, editing, business growth, and everything that is photography. I know every in and out of using my camera to its fullest extent and have no question in camera function when photographing. By hiring a pro, you never have to worry about their ability or qualifications. Your friend/family may do a good job, but they haven't invested their lives into the business.

Should I get my makeup professionally done for my photos?

The best way to answer that is... it depends! If you typically don't like having a lot of makeup on & a bare face is part of who you are, then I would say not to get your makeup done (unless it's something you want, of course). In this case, having it done will most likely make you feel like you don't look yourself! But even if you don't usually wear makeup, a little mascara and lipgloss would add a great touch and never hurt anybody! If you enjoy makeup and feel confident and would enjoy getting pampered, professional makeup is always gorg! It can make so many photos and outfit styles look put together!

Can I book one senior session for two seniors? They're siblings!

Sadly no, my senior collections are designed for one senior! Imagine a concert or plane ticket! Each person needs their own separate ticket to go to that destination. We can create a time period where we photograph both people, but when it comes to pricing and scheduling - two sessions and two time slots need to be booked!

Do you travel for sessions or weddings?

Absolutely, I absolutely adore fresh surroundings to photograph. Travel fees apply, and lodging is sometimes necessary! Contact me for quote on your specific travel needs.